Posted by: raesalley | September 16, 2008

Twelve days later…

My last post showed off the new toy in our household. Part of the craziness of the Wii Fit is that they have you set goals for weight loss. Granted, they gear it towards BMI instead of actual weight but the result is the same. I was being conservative when I set my first goal – 5# loss in a month. I made it in twelve days.

You know when your doctor tells you to eat better and exercise? They have a point.

I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for almost a year. I lost the first five pounds fairly easily. My nurse practiioner had put me on an appetite suppression drug, which actually helped and knocked off those first five. Then, my vision went haywire and the drug got tossed. Then I lost my motivation, stopped eating as well and skipped my daily walks. The Nike+ toy helped me get walking again, as I could play against myself.

But now I have a crazy skinny wench who can put her knee into her ribs. No joke, the female trainer can do knee lifts that look like her kneecap is in her ribs. There are games that are masquerading as aerobic activity. You feed your Mii in a penguin suit to work on your balance and agility. The yoga actually helps me figure out how I’ve been goofing the poses. And there’s no set pattern. Beautiful.

Yesterday I got my Wii goal…and got my ten pounds lost marker. Rock on me. And my new goal? We’re looking at the end of the year dropping another fifteen. Madness, but I think I’m on the right track.


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