Posted by: raesalley | September 21, 2008

Home where I belong

There are times where I doubt my sanity at having a full time job and working as an independent contractor in theater. Last season, I think I finally struck a balance between wanting to be home and have a life with friends and family while still doing the things I love. I had a lighting design, a quick visiting show, the tour, a full production and a babysitting gig and it was enough to keep me involved while getting to see friends, do some traveling and generally get settled in to my new job. I’ve now been with the farmers for about a year and I think I know what’s going on – probably why I caved so easily to double-booking my October.

Last year I double-booked October, but that was the lighting design and the one week production — neither was a giant time committment except for a week a piece. This year, I’ll be stage managing a show that I leave for two weeks to stage manage another show before returning just in time for tech the first one. And in the middle of all that, I’ll be flying out to Colorado for business and Cleveland for family.

Since committing to doing the second show (the one that bookends the other), I’ve wondered what I was thinking. Just having the one show where I’d be going out of town for work and missing a show to attend a wedding would usually be enough craziness for one show. Adding a show that goes into tech while the other is closing…that’s just madness, on paper.

But today, I got to rehearsal and openned up the space. Turning the lights on and dropping my gear felt like I hadn’t left. An hour later, we’re cooking. My phone beeps and on break I find a message concerning the show in the middle. I juggle it to the back of my brain while I finish up rehearsal. Things go well, we wrap up and I’m out.

I feel right at home.



  1. That must be a nice feeling. 🙂

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