Posted by: raesalley | September 27, 2008

October – the scariest month

This being the last weekend of the month, I was updating our whiteboard calendar in the kitchen. We keep this calendar so nobody goes bonkers. Rather, so I don’t go bonkers. Given our cup of coffee every morning habit, the refrigerator is probably the one guaranteed location we’re both going to see every day where one could keep such a calendar.

The calendar has three colors – blue (both), green (me) and red for the Bald One. Every month has red scribbles all over it because I put whether he is opening or closing every workday. Given that I have a normal job, I only put on there things that don’t fall in the normal 9-5 hours. Most of the year, there’s very little green on the calendar. October has green on every day but five…four are weekdays and two of those have plans for both of us in the evening (a show we’re both going to and Halloween). That means I have one day off between now and November – next Saturday.

The Bald One laughed at me and reminded me that I’m doing it to myself. He’s right, of course, but I love what I’m doing. Nikolai, when being told of my schedule pointed and laughed, then offered to buy me a beer. T just shook her head and said that even she’s not that crazy. I should be committed.


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