Posted by: raesalley | October 11, 2008

Dressed for the occasion

Today’s mission: find a dress that would be appropriate for a country club late afternoon wedding on a Friday before heading off to a rehearsal that is immediately followed by a performance.

Oddly, mission status: success. Even though I slept in this morning. How about that? Even better news? I found a denim jacket that I can wear. And how do I top all this good shopping success? I got everything on sale plus an additional 20% off. I feel ridiculously accomplished.

The problem I usually have shopping is that I’m getting picky about my clothes. I prefer natural fabrics and low maintenance. These qualities don’t often go together. Add to that the growing trend of clothing being made out of some variant of polyester with a touch of Lycra, which means that they’re often good for two wearings before the shape goes to hell, and I have a bitch of a time.

For the dress, I decided not to be my usual picky-as-hell self. I needed something that fit well, would work in October in Cleveland and be decent while not making me look like I’m in my sixties. My first pass at the first store netted me three dresses. The fitting room nixed one of them and I actually bought the other two. One is slightly more conservative than the other and would actually be a good “work” dress. The other is the preferred option from the Bald One – the colors match my tattoos and I look somewhat sexy. Top it off, while the lining on both is some mix of polyester, the dress itself is silk.

Now I have to decide…which to wear?OptA Option A OptB Option B

We’ll see Friday which one makes it out of my parents’ house.



  1. I have a hawaiian shirt that would match with option B very well…

    The cut of A may be better, but it looks like you should be doing the mexican hat dance!

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