Posted by: raesalley | October 12, 2008

Run off the Road

Originally uploaded by Rae Z

Yesterday, after finding the dresses and my new denim coat, I high-tailed it out to Chapel Hill for rehearsal. I knew, from listening to the radio while bopping around shopping, that there was a football game between the nationally ranked UNC Tarheels and the unranked Notre Dame.

Little did I realize just how they got the visitors to the stadium.

The mall in which the theater inhabits is a park & ride site for the football games. I know that the stadium traffic gets off the exit prior and was all the way left for that exit. I didn’t get back in time to join the traffic for my exit and had to double back. Once off, I joined the steady stream of cars.

While inching my way along 15-501 to my destination, I heard behind me the sirens of a police escort. Looking in the rearview I saw an amusing sight: I motorcycle cop followed by a police car with a caravan of buses as the cars part like the seas.


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