Posted by: raesalley | October 22, 2008

Crazy Week – Part A

After I open a show, I usually get to have a glorious Saturday nap as I have off all morning to catch up on sleep, clean my messy house and then go off to my show. Last Saturday (11), I had to get up and go find clothes for the wedding the following Friday and I was hunting a denim jacket. Not critical, but would be totally cool to have before I went West. Post shopping, I had to hold actor hands run rehearsal before hitting my show. Sunday was a little more chill with just my show before packing and sleeping to catch a plane.

The plane dropped my in Colorado Springs, where I was met by a bus that took me to a fancy-shmancy hotel. As we got closer, I finally understood why the Bald One gets back at me about lakes with mountains. I think the lakes by us aren’t lakes, after growing up near one of the Greats. He laughs at the Appalacians for the same reason. I get it now.

Once I was checked in, I was put to work. Granted, I knew, as an admin, I’d be put to work. I got to meet a lot of people very quickly before getting in to the general session to hear just how good our year was. From there, it was off to the trade show and the beginning of much alcohol. Shortly later, they fed us – which was a good move. I enjoyed meeting people and chatting with them for the first time…even though some of them are in the same building I work in daily. I wasn’t long for consciousness though, being up at 4am for a 6am flight and then crossing two time zones had me craving bed.

The next day was back to back meetings, which is only worth mentioning because I learned two things – some more information about our new hire’s to-do list and just within what platform a project of mine be working. Fun. The guest speaker was delightful. Afterwards, I somehow managed to have lots of fun talking with people and lost track of time and the number of beverages I was drinking. Bed felt very good around two in the morning and somehow I still managed to drag my butt back to the pool for swimming.

The pool offered one of the most beautiful shots of the sunrise I’ve had since Maine. Wednesday was a quick, fun day in the grands scheme of things. We had two sessions in the morning where I learned interesting things that were peripherally important to me. Then, we broke for lunch and our “fun activities” – where I jumped in a jeep and went for an hour long ride to get on a horse and ride for another hour before getting back in the jeep and going up to 8900 feet to see the view below. The views were stunning.

One of the more amusing stories, at least from my point of view and that I’m willing to share on a public site, is the geek-moment a quartet of us late 70’s kids had together. Dinner our final night was at “Cheyenne Mountain Resort.” Someone I know from passing meetings sat with me on the bus as we were on our way from the hotel. He asked if I knew anything about it, to which I responded with a quip about it being where the Stargate is located. At which point, we digressed into a discussion of SciFi television shows. I met up with my cohort at dinner and we again jumped back to SciFi and Dr. Who. We picked up another person over drinks after dinner. The four of us drank and sat around a fire discussing television, movies, music and life in general. We’d occasionally lapse into singing with the fiddle player covering everything from Dave Mathews to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.” After that it was back to the hotel bar one more time before a few hours sleep and the plane ride from hell.

Getting out of Colorado Springs was trying. Our plane didn’t make it in the previous night, so we were supposedly delayed – and the 8am flight’s plane was sitting there the entire time. So two people were re-routed to Denver, I almost was. There was a moment where they weren’t sure they were going to get us out on Thursday, at which point I laughed, since Friday would have me in a different city. Eventually, we stole the 8am flight’s plane and then was ground-delayed because of Houston. This meant a high-speed dash through the Houston airport to get our connection. We all got in okay though, eventually.

Then it was off to the theater for me before another attempt at sleep before going to Cleveland.


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