Posted by: raesalley | October 30, 2008


Thank goodness this week is almost over. It’s been a long one and the idea that I get to go home tomorrow and have a beer or three with my friends over loud music in my house tickles me to no end.

My darling Bald One is manning the home front this week, taking his now-traditional week off before holiday black out. This means I’m coming home to a house that, despite my neglect, is getting clean. It also means that the two days I was dark at the theater I wanted to rush home to spend time with him.

Not so lucky. I detest people who have no sense of timing. I found out late that I was going to lose half my Monday and Wednesday to a meeting I still don’t know why I was invited. Tuesday was half lost to my vet. Today was the first day I feel I actually got something accomplished. Today is also the day I got a lecture for not doing someone else’s job. I was asked to back up another admin in September. It was discussed, based on her workload, her preferences and what have you when she needed me to do something, she’d hand it to me and say “can you deal with this?” and I’d judge based on my workload and what it was. She hasn’t asked in three weeks and this is my fault.

And let’s just skip how she called me condesending because of how I’m am trying to hurry her along so I can leave to my other job. And she sided with my actors.

I usually love my cast. I haven’t had that moment yet on this production. I think some of it is to be blamed on the in and out behavior because of the schedule. The rest can likely lay squarely on the behavior of the cast. I’m not sure what’s the deal, but I’m not quite sure what to do anymore. However, they have the lines down and the pace is good, so I can’t complain at the moment. I just wish they’d realize we’re all professionals and they need to give people a chance to do their job. Telling four people something is wrong within five minutes doesn’t make it go faster. Showing up an hour before call to run your lines doesn’t mean you get to complain that someone is asking you to do what you were actually called for twenty minutes after the call time. And speaking of call time…they’re done in a certain way so that things can get done. Crew is called before cast so they can set everything for the cast to double check when they’re called. If cast shows up early, please don’t expect things done or that you can have the space. Please don’t complain when I’m checking lights and sound during my time. Especially when I ask you to let me know if you need the time and I’ll adjust calls to suit.

I’m ready for a nice, healthy nap.


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