Posted by: raesalley | December 8, 2008

Things to avoid

Being in the shower when the power goes out. I recommend against it if you can at all manage that.

This week sent me out to Kansas City, for our third year of performing for Mid-Continent Public Libraries. Great hosts, they are…so if you ever get the chance to visit them, take it. After two days of performing, we drove back for two days. We did have the usual fun during the drive – I tortured DzB out of his paperwork with a thriller audio-novel and it did snow while I was driving through West Virginia.

Past that, we got home without incident. I walked in to work the next day and got pounced on the moment I crossed the threshold. I took Friday evening off from the theater before diving in to Christmas Letters this weekend. It was in getting ready for our matinee this afternoon that our power blipped out with the rest of the neighborhood. It was back on by the time I got home with the sofa-chair borrowed during Third, thanks to Nicolai’s six inches. (Boy, that sounds dirty – his car is slightly bigger than mine.)

Another thing to avoid, in case you’re curious, is taking on too much. Despite the impression that I’ve done it again, I’m actually less scheduled than I was in October. Sure I’m going from one show to one day off to another show to two days off back to the first for a few days…but it is with ridiculously easy to work with individuals with established productions. October can explain why, despite best intentions, I only got a few hundred words done for NaNoWriMo. I spent my two weeks off from theater-land doing some work stuff and relaxing. Then I dove back in full speed, before coming up for air this evening.


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