Posted by: raesalley | December 29, 2008

Cleveland for Christmas

The last time the Bald One and I were in Cleveland for Christmas we had just gotten engaged and spent part of the time plotting the three ring circus that was our wedding (in a good way). We were also staying the longest the two of us have stayed there since the “Great Bald One Approval Tour” – three full days and most of a fourth (11:30am arrival). The mitigating factor – we were arriving on Christmas day and we were losing another one to some shopping and prep for the Game Night party and insanity.

Christmas was fun – we got to sleep in for a travel day, as our flight out was 10am. Dinner was delayed so my brother could nap after coming off his EMT shift before we all got together for presents and festivities. The next evening was game night, and in the usual tradition there was an overabundance of food and a game of Trivial Pursuit that lasted much longer than it ever should. But I got to spend time with my dearest friend and made plots to come visit her between our birthdays in the spring.

The rest of the visit was spent quietly enjoying each other’s company. We did a little bit of shopping where we both ended up with new clothes. We watched a very scary disaster movie – scary because it was actually based on real science of the volcano at Yellowstone erupting. We went to the Botanical Gardens and took my parents out for dinner. Overall, an uneventful but enjoyable vacation. We got back to cats that missed us, friends who had us over and a NYE party to plan.


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