Posted by: raesalley | January 14, 2009

Moment before…

We’re in the moment before, now.

As of yesterday, the tickets went on sale for The Receptionist. We’ve been in rehearsals for a week and starting to begin the blocking for the show. While I love listening to the character discussions between the director and cast, we’re now getting in to the part of rehearsals where I feel useful.

Today I finished getting my book ready. The blocking pages are all in, the tabs for quick access are set…now its time to get into the meat. Who’s going where, carrying what? Why do you do this? Sometimes a show requires a certain action – a reference to a magazine that someone picks up or coffee getting served. But what makes it interesting is why does a person behave the way that they do?

Say we met at a party – without thinking, we respond to each other based on our relationship. We may touch, I may pick up the drinks from the bar while you hang up your coat. When we talk, are we leaning in close or standing with our very defined space? Do you say something causing me to slowly move away and join a different conversation? These things are determined without us thinking very much about it. But when you hit a script much of it is based on what you think is the right reaction but the director scuplts the scene to make it look just so. My job is to make sure you do it the same way tomorrow…even if you think differently. To do that, I have the book.

So now – I’m ready to record the different versions of what we come up with to tell the story. Should be fun.


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