Posted by: raesalley | January 17, 2009

It’s hard to be this sexy…

Anyone else remember this episode of Friends? It’s after Monica and Chandler are together, and Monica gets sent home from work because she’s sick. And there’s this great little conversation:

Monica: (Sick, but trying to act sexy) Okay, I’ll rest. But ya know, if I’m going to bed, then you’re coming with me.
Chandler: That would be impossible to resist if you weren’t all drippy here.
Monica: Are you saying that you don’t wanna get with this?
Chandler: Yeah, I don’t think you should say that even when you’re healthy

(If you nee a recap of the episode, you can go here)

I kept having this scene go through my head today…because we’ve got this sequence in the play where a man and woman are obviously flirting on stage. The actor, however, is in the middle of some creeping sick. He usually has a gorgeous, resonant voice but on this occasion he’s reminding me of Monica…trying to sound sexy and failing miserably.

It must be a little hard to be all sexy when someone keeps giggling.


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