Posted by: raesalley | January 20, 2009

Snow Day

Once I grew up, I started to miss the idea of snow days. The idea of free day off to do whatever you wanted. It was a chance to suddenly have the time to do something quick and fun and selfish without guilt. Once you become an adult and you don’t work for the school system…you just don’t get those anymore.

Then, I moved south…where they don’t have things like major snow removal. The first time I woke up after an overnight snowstorm and found out that I didn’t have work was a pleasant surprise. One I spent cleaning and cooking. Now, I use theme more selfishly.

Much to my surprise, after a day spent checking on and off what the weather pattern was doing, it started to snow after midnight. Luckily it was on a day I had to wake up early and such, so I found out early that I could go back to bed. I actually went back to bed twice, once after finding out we were delayed and once after finding out we were closed. I then slept in, read the paper and spent most of the day catching up on television and my books. We built a fire at one point, so I curled up with a paperback and enjoyed the warmth and a good novel. I even got in a walk around the block in the snow and got to watch kids sledding.

Much nicer than trying to figure out the latest to-do.


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