Posted by: raesalley | January 21, 2009

I broke it all!

I locked myself out of my work computer this morning. It’s all my fault, as I had the audacity to check my email from home on a computer that had a different password remembered on it. Once I got things sorted out with IT, I went on with my day. Until I locked myself out of a different system, that is. That involved a call to IT (yet again) and me admitting I’m defective. This made the poor guy laugh, and apparently remember me. After we got through all the pleasantry of verifying I’m me and getting me all set to go, we went our separate ways.

Later, my gf AvP stopped by on her way to talk to her boss. I found out that she’d locked herself out of her computer through a bug in the system. Not much later, I had a message pop up asking how I broke everything. It was my IT guy, and apparently lots of folks locked their computers to walk away for a moment and could no longer get into their systems. Whoops! We kept chatting as we both worked, wandering off from the snow day (he took one, we were given one) and what one did on a surprise day off.  But it was an interesting new friend half a country away…all through the serendipity of the failure of computers.


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