Posted by: raesalley | February 21, 2009

Mission 051

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I got the call while finishing up my dinner. My initial plans were rather basic – I had work to do as part of my cover story and needed to leave to fulfill that in ten minutes. When the phone rang, I knew I might have to move fast.

The voice on the other end was harried, and almost as soon as I had answered I was put on hold. “Can you meet tonight?” came the contact.

“What’s you run time?”
“I can meet you then. Bar or the space?”
“Call closer to the time with an ETA and we’ll set then.”
“Sounds good. Until then.”

I went on with my cover story commitments. I went to the Northeast Office and watched the events unfurl with an amused eye. I’d seen it so many times before, once more makes no difference in the events. Afterwards I made small talk and left on my mission. As directed I sent a message saying I was enroute and awaiting further instructions.

I’d almost reached the location when I received a response asking for specific eta. Seven minutes. No instructions came so I started with the primary location.

Upon arrival, my contact was just finishing up. We made small talk to cover while she pulled the documentation for me. The envelope was passed and slid into my purse.

Since it had been a month since our last contact in person, we couldn’t just end it at that. We continued our meeting over drinks at a small bar. We grabbed a table and caught up on things with another cohort before going our separate ways.

The envelope stayed in my purse all day. It stayed with me as I ran my errands and went about my day. Finally evening rolled around and my daily meeting with Dart.

I arrived at the Central Office before Dart and started the office for the day. By the time the space was up and running, Dart had arrived. I gave home the envelope and my mission was complete. He didn’t understand why it was unable to be delivered through normal means, but was pleased to have it in his hands.

Mission: Accomplished


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