Posted by: raesalley | February 26, 2009

You never know what you’ll find…

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Tonight I got to write the following production note:

This evening, the house manager discovered random outdoor debris in the space. It begs the question what was coming in that shredded wood chips and leaves behind the audience and didn’t clean up after themselves with a show going on. This adds to the random finds of the bag of gak and the even more curious tux wearing dummy.

The frightening thing about this note – it is completely true. Tonight when the house manager was checking the space and setting up the reserve seats, he yelled up to me and asked if I knew anything about the debris in the space. Not having a clue, and not usually checking behind the audience for mess, I had to wander over to look. Yep. Random debris of wood variety. No idea why and no idea what was up with the garbage can either. Dealt with the garbage can and swept the debris up, but remained confused.

This is the latest in wierd finds in the space. The first was a random bag of crap left near the entrance for the audience. Last week before the matinee I discovered this dummy when I went to let in an actor. Chairs move, stuff shuffles in the booth…and no clue is left.

The space we’re performing in is owned by the company we’re performing under. So we kind of trump whatever could be coming in to the space as far as how things should be left. Add to that we’re the ones doing performances – with real audiences and everything – which means that you should be a little nice to us. And yet, we’re finding gak.

I think the underlying irritation for me is that I don’t understand a lack of respect. It’s everywhere. I have people at work who come up to my cube and say “hi” and when I am polite and acknowledge their presence while I’m working on finishing a thought means to them that they can start talking to me about whatever broght them to my corner. I’m sorry, but if you want me to pay attention to you and solve your problem could you be at least a little considerate and let me finish what you’re interupting or at least get a thought finished before you ask me to make your life easier? I will usually bend over backwards to help out the people I work with, especially if you’re one of the folks I support or asking after one of them, but you’ll get a lot better response if I’m not distracted with what I was doing before you showed up.

Human decency. Try it.


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