Posted by: raesalley | March 11, 2009

Birthday Greetings

Birthday treats
Birthday treats

So life is good, yes?

My fabulous, yet crazy friends from work took me out to dinner last night. While I was thrilled with just a night out with them during the week and we were going to a fabulous local restaurant, they did surprise me with a present. I didn’t realize they were up to something until that day, when they were discussing the fact they had one. Surprise!

Dinner was fabu and filled with stories. Sadly, many of the stories were work related but they weren’t things we could actually discuss at work. We also covered the requisite girl topics – sex, relationships and dieting. How stereotypical of us.

The gifts weren’t stereotypical, which made me smile. The big box was from J. Peterman Company – a fabulously strange site of things of all nature. A few weeks ago, I got my update email from them of new things in their clearance section and one item caught my eye – the flying scarf. When I shared it with my girlfriend over IM and she berated me for not getting it (more than half off she cried), she secretly rejoiced and clicked buy. Also in the box was a cute frog bookmark, which will find a home in a book soon.

My birthday was quiet overall though. It was a Monday, which is just a general downer. We’re planning on partying with the gang this upcoming weekend, so that’ll make up for it. But really, quiet is nice every once in a while.



  1. And somehow I thought you would be going for the Victorian Pantaloons from J.P. …. 🙂

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