Posted by: raesalley | April 8, 2009

I survived church, and other stories

The much overdue glimpse of fun had by two crazy girlfriends…

The first weekend of April had me once again leaving my spring-filled warmth and blooming trees for the slight chill of Columbus, Ohio. I was greeted as I walked off the plane by my best friend, who I hadn’t seen in just over three months. I often think that me leaving the state, while a great move overall, sucks for just that reason…we shouldn’t be seeing each other only once a quarter.

My visit was to help celebrate her birthday, which started as a gorgeous blue sky kind of day. That view is from her balcony at her apartment. Seeing skies like this in Ohio was a bit surprising, but well deserved for her birthday. We set off to find me coffee and get a wonderful (overdue!) massage, which I was yelled at for treating her to for her birthday. Suffer, wench. Afterwards, not quite ready for a nap and not having anything better in mind, we strolled one of the parks in the area. The weather was accomodating, we drank our water like good girls and talked about everything under the sun.

One of the big things to talk about was the boyfriend. Her new-to-me beau seems like a wonderful man. How wonderful is he, you ask? Friday night I was invited to join the regular event of dinner & game night. Now, dinner was cooked from scratch by him. My best friend was also banned from the kitchen due to the fact she would have spoiled her surprise — a baked-from-scratch white cake with raspberry frosting. Both dinner and cake were fabulous. We followed this feast with games – where I was trounced in Zombie Fluxx. There were other things that reassured me that he wasn’t going to break her – at least, not intentionally – and I was satisfied.

The other events of note were on Sunday. After my usual call to my parents, I went to church. Not only was I at church, I was at church on Palm Sunday. The big reason was to hear my friend sing (she did beautifully). Afterwards, we had brunch at La Chatelaine – a wonderful french bistro. The weather continued to cooperate and we ate outside under blue skies.

Sunday night wrapped up with Ethiopian food, where I got to catch up with all the Columbus folks I know from way back when I visited more often. Lots of laughter and fun was had by all. We wrapped up the night at the boyfriend’s apartment playing a Belgian card game (1000 miles!) before going back to her place to pack and get ready for a 4:30am wake up for my flight back home.

A lovely little break from reality…I need to do it more often!



  1. He IS wonderful, isn’t he? 🙂

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