squee with glee

Every once in a while, I win things. Not very often, but it happens. Usually when it does, it is something fairly cool. Today was one of those days.

I read quite a bit, and when I do it falls into two categories – things that make me think and “trashy romance novels.” That’s in quotes, because they’re not really trash or that heavy romance…I tend to drift one of three types – Regency, contemporary thriller or (sigh) paranormal. And for the latest news in what’s coming, I hit up the lovely gals at SBTN.

Sunday night, while listening to our friends play “remember when” with one of their number who’s ditching us for the West Coast, I came across this post. Fifteen signed books and all I have to do is get going on another room suggestion for the Inn Boonsboro? Count me in. What I didn’t count on was my husband playing along. His useless knowledge store is in movies when my runs to books so between the two of us we had quite a list. We pared it down and submitted our list (after two single shots, we stuck with a single list).

Well, the winners were announced today. I read through the runners up enjoying the giggles I got from them and a few face:palms for the ones I should have remembered (Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blythe?!?) and one for the one we threw out (Eowyn & Faramir). And then I read this:

But I had to pick one, because, well, duh, there can only be one. So: the winner: Rae, and Rae’s husband:  for a truly strong heroine and equally smoldering hero: Han & Leia.

Ron & Hermione are a lovely idea, too! To say nothing of the potential of Lloyd and Diane, or Niles and Daphne, or Harry & Ginny.

What I love about all the ideas, particularly Rae’s, is that the couples are not only happy in their ever after, but you’re happy for them as a reader, and sharing that joy by staying in a room with a theme based on their story is just FUN. And, if you’ve been at the Inn Boonsboro (and you should SO GO OMG), outrageously wonderful.

How frickin cool are we???

Oh, and one of the books is an ARC of Nora Roberts’ new Black Hills. This made me giggle gleefully, as it wasn’t part of the stash when I initially signed up. I can hardly wait to have my loot…and start getting into trouble, I’m sure.


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