Posted by: raesalley | May 14, 2009

RIP: Siggy

Last night, after the Bald One and I finished signing the papers to refinance our mortgage, we had a discussion about which way to leave the parking lot. We were at a major intersection, and it was quarter to five on a Wednesday, so a little busy. We were also going two different directions – him home & me to the theater for the start of performance week three. He swore he wasn’t turning left. I looked and figured, well…I could go any number of ways. I’ll decide once I get there.

Amazingly, when I was ready to pull out of the side street that went across the major artery, a nice commuter gave a huge opening in case I wanted to turn left. I debated, saw the light up the road was still very red and stopping the traffic I’d have to merge in. There was also no traffic in the other two lanes coming my way. I figured “well, why not” and started to inch out. I got to the point I could try to look down the suicide lanes and that’s the last thing I remember for a minute.

Next image I have is of my spidered windshield and a deflating air bag. I’m looking around and feeling that pain in my shoulder that can only mean my seatbelt worked. And I see the little white car that destroyed me. The woman in the mini-SUV that blocked traffic had the very concerned look on her face as she looked us over and kept saying “are you okay.” Nodding, followed by everyone getting their phones out. He called Papa Johns to order up another pizza and another driver, I called the Bald One to come rescue me. Then, 911. I eventually get out of my car to stand shakily against it and see what damage was done.  I eventually remembered I had a camera and started snapping a few shots. The damage is pretty … graphic for a simple collision.

The Bald One did rescue me. We unloaded all my earthly possessions into his car – including the stereo. While he drove to the theater (the show must go on!) I called my dad and my insurance agent to regale them with the story. The insurance guy talked me through getting a car (if needed) and that he’d call it in. I said I’d send him the photos once I got home. I also talked to my assistant and the house manager at the theater to check on progress, as I was going to be about forty-five minutes late.

Once at the theater, the actors took their clothing and let me be for a bit while I talked to my ASM about needs at that moment. The house manager, bless her, gave me a hug. I showed photos to the cast and apologized all around. Then, I curled up in the booth and went on with the show. Ran photo call and had a great time, then got a ride home again from the Bald One while I talked to my brother the paramedic about my injuries and he recommended burn cream and sleep.

Today, I’m sore and sad. I loved my car. She was fabulous. Her first road trip was to Columbus where we piled people in for ice cream – including tossing my best friend’s then-boyfriend in the trunk. She got me all over the place, moved me down here and saw me through a lot of crazy stuff. I was hoping to drive her until she fell apart…not drive her into falling apart. So while I hate to admit it, I might need a new-to-me car.

RIP: Siggy – July 1, 2000 – May 13, 2009



  1. Wow. I’m really glad that you’re ok — it looks like the injuries could have been a lot worse. *hugs* Poor Siggy.

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