New feature: T&A synopsis

I’ve been toying with this idea for a little bit. I have several friends who are amazed that I read romance novels. Even when I openly admit that they’re occasionally horrid, saccharine soaked monstrosities that I’m astounded got past an editor’s desk without said-editor dying of insulin shock.

Recently, APop was flying around the country, as she is often scheduled to be in very exciting places to talk for an hour or two. The book that was getting her through the lonely nights was accidentally abandoned on the plane. (Yes, I’m exaggerating a bit.) She picked up a new Mary Higgins Clark novel at the in-airport bookseller. She started reading it and immediately thought of me. While sweet, it was because it was Romance! and Suspense! and not because it was a good book. *sigh*

When she came back, the three of us – including Tab, were discussing her latest travels, she mentioned the book. I briefly gave her what I thought were the big emotional moments in the book. I believe the conversation went something like this:

Rae: Let me guess, she goes to Foreign City to Her to find her missing brother almost immediately. While their – she meets two men, one that is a Friend of said missing Brother and one that is more of a PI or law officer of some sort that started tailing her to see if she would lead him to missing Brother.
APop: Well, I’ve met the first one. Maybe the second.
Rae: and the Friend, he’s all kinds of good, right? and the PI is dark and scary. And both guys seem to have a tendency to show up just when something off has happened?
APop: Have you read this?
Rae: No.
APop: But how?
Rae: Formula. She’ll get close to figuring out the truth, but both men will keep showing up. The very last chance, she’ll figure it out.

Since this happened, I’ve been doing an almost-snarky synopsis of whatever book I’m reading for them. It’s fun, and I’m thinking I need to put some of these out there for posterity. Or do them for books I’m slightly worried about even telling people who really know me that I’ve read (Like, Speed Dating, for example). It’ll be a fun experiment. And in their honor, I think I’ll call them T&A Synopsis posts.


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