Posted by: raesalley | June 15, 2009

Stumbling the Bourbon trail

Unlike a wine or beer tasting, a tour of a distillery and tasting that follows will not get you mildly buzzed. That is, unless, you skip eating all day and have a ridiculously low tolerance for alcohol. Then again, who’d want to get drunk on bourbon?

Things learned this weekend:

  1. Bourbon is pretty much whisky (whiskey!) with a different water source
  2. Kentucky is ridiculously proud of this fact
  3. White Dog is something I really don’t need to ever experience again
  4. My expensive taste goes over to the liquor side as well – the most enjoyed item from this weekend was a bourbon old enough to vote.
  5. Bardstown has some strange connection to Stephen Foster.
  6. Central KY is almost equivalent in drive time to driving to my parents…yet the scenery is better. (Not to slam Ohio, but flatlands get boring after a while.)
  7. I’m not allowed to set time tables for departure – the distance to travel to fudge factor of departure ratio is over way to high. (10 mintue drive? departure window of fifteen minutes. 10 hour drive? departure window of three hours…and aim for the end of it.)

As you can guess, we left a lot later than expected. Before we left: the house got picked up, I finished a book and two days worth of newspapers, bills were paid, we packed, the Bald One cleaned and played on the computer. This meant instead of leaving around midmorning, we left in early afternoon. We also got in about the time only Wendy’s was open in town. The Bald One has been given permission to push, shove and cajole on all future road trips. This is in direct opposition to any time I have to get on the plane – when I get so anxious before we depart and worried that I don’t realx until I’m at the gate. Oh – and this from a stage manager who can run a show on time.

Of course, pictures were taken. As the sun went down the first day of travel I enjoyed shooting some sunset shots as we drove west. The majority of the shots are from the four distilleries we saw – either open or closed – on Saturday. The Maker’s Mark was the highlight for the Bald One, as he was treated as semi-royalty. He has a special badge, pin and certificate celebrating his presence on the tour. We also got to take some pictures of him dipping bottles with his name on it. The last distillery on our stops was Four Roses – which we didn’t even tour, just saw a sign for on our way back. We weren’t familiar with them, so I checked the internet to see who they might be. Once we discovered they were the mint julep winner of the year and not distributed to North Carolina, he pulled a quick right into the shopping center he just spotted had a liquor store. Funny little man.

Overall, the vacation was a nice departure from the normal for us. We also got to spend time together before he’s gone for the next two weeks (home for the weekend though) for work.


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