Posted by: raesalley | June 21, 2009

Good day for a picnic

Originally uploaded by stubborndev

The Bald One is off playing in Virginia last week and next week, so I’m only seeing him on the weekend. And when I say “playing,” I really mean sleeping all day and moving shelving all night for work. The upside is he’s in decent hotels and not getting up at 4am to feed the cats. The downside is he’s sharing the room and sleeping all day.

While he did get to come home for the weekend, he didn’t bother to switch his sleep schedule much. He and I would spend the afternoons and evening together until I crashed around midnight and he’d do things until he wore himself out around four in the morning. Rinse and repeat.

One of the fun things we did with our waking hours together was see StubbornDev and her husband. The adorable munchkin sidekick was a given, but it’s always nice to see their daughter. We packed up one of our picnic backpacks with chicken fingers, green pepper slices, watermelon and iced tea and met them at West Point of the Eno park.

The day was not only hotter than it had any right to be for the last day of Spring, but it had the humidity soaring. The park however had a river running through it, which was providing a great way to cool down for anyone ignoring the “no swimming!” signs. We had a great time getting caught up over food and wandering around the park, without the thousands of people that will be there in two weeks for the festival. I got to see parts of the park I usually can’t make it to during sets.

The Bald One did get to do his usual “kid whisperer” trick – little S got him to toss black walnut pods onto the roof of the photography museum and go wading with her. Dev, being herself, captured it all with her camera. So I get to see moments like this stuck forever, showing my husband is a sucker for blondes.


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