Posted by: raesalley | August 5, 2009

Summer rains

We’ve reached that point of the summer where we have a random sudden storm in our afternoon. Every once in a while, the rain will hold off, like a pregnant pause, until early evening just to ruin your grilling of dinner. Tonight, we released our first actor for the evening  and as we heard him open the door to the parking lot, we heard the skies open. There’s no chance he reached his car drive.

It’s an interesting thing to watch. The day goes from sparking with light and heat one minute to having a dark, ominous cloud smother all. We then see a quick flash along the horizon and a boom follows moments behind. That’s the only warning you get, as we go from this scarce moment before to full on storm. The rain pours down, and people slow down their cars or quicken their steps. Televisions blink, and people leave their offices to stare out windows. After a moment of admiring the power in the storm, people return to what they left. The skies clear and the sun shines as if nothing happened.

Just another fun treat of summer.



  1. It just rained here like with a bit more warning. Complete downpour.

    Saps my energy going without sun for too long! Not getting enough sun here in London.

    Anyway, reminding me of this song by Our Lady Peace

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