Posted by: raesalley | August 12, 2009

First appt scheduled

Today I scheduled my first obstetrics exam.

Just typing that seems funny, and almost makes things feel real. A small reassurance, as the only clue I’ve had that I’m actually pregnant has been my ability to fall asleep about two or three hours before I normally would. No morning sickness except an occasional wave of nausea now and then. Nothing major in terms of the usual culprits mentioned. Just no period and an occasional pulling sensation as things move around.

The doctor I chose, based on her affiliation with Western Wake, her website and a few of her reviews, only does first appointments on Thursdays. This blows a hole in the careful plan the Bald One and I made so that he could be there. I opted for early afternoon – so I could get back to work before leaving for the show that night. I then sent the Bald One a text telling him the time of the ultrasound and appointment. Poor boy is supposed to be in Myrtle Beach that week.

During one of the breaks this evening, he was discussing the schedule with his manager. He talked about how he didn’t have to be there, but how he really should be and would it be a problem if he maybe rolled out that morning to drive home and drove back getting in late for the start of the Thursday night shift. His manager guessed that he’s about to be a daddy. He just smiled. With that, he was told to “do what he needed to do”

Three weeks.


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