Posted by: raesalley | August 30, 2009

Lifetime shout-out

So I’m home alone, as the Bald One has taken off for work. That being said, and me being a hormonal gal right now, I decided to watch LifeTime when I found that they’re showing Because I Said So. But there’s a great moment where the mom, realizing she’s been wrong about trying to control her daughter’s life, is leaving yet another answering machine message. She says:

If you’re in any way still pulled to Johnny, please don’t let your pride or our differences come between you getting what you want. Otherwise honey, you’re going to end up like some pathetic character in a Tennessee Williams play.

Excellent.  It’s very much something my mom would have to say. And this chacter has very many undertones of my mom. So I feel for her. And it’s cracking me up at the same time.

Speaking of Tennessee Williams, we want to put the following warning on our audience door:

the use of loud noises, flashing lights and excessive tongue may disturb some viewers

Yes, we’re having that much fun.


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