Posted by: raesalley | September 30, 2009

Place your bets

Today was my second OB appointment. A quick in and out to make sure I’m doing fine, baby’s fine and answer any questions I might have. I hit her with my list and we ran through all of it pretty quick and we set up the next appointment which is the big reveal.  This means its time to place your bets — boy, girl or uncooperative gummi bear.

Just to fill you in…this past weekend the Bald One and I told our parents the news that they’ll be grandparents this spring. My brother cursed me for revealing this on his weekend. The kid, as he put it, has “accomplished one thing in his adult life” and that was graduating from paramedic school. We’re ungodly thrilled for him, but I’d sort of planned on telling M&D before I found out it was his graduation weekend. I did feel bad…just could do much about it. With this sharing, I can now reveal a few hidden posts: EA – maybe, EA: 5 weeks, First appt scheduled and one reference xcsd. Nothing terribly thrilling, but it’s all there.


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