Book Review: Art of Racing in the Rain

Let me just begin with: don’t read this one if you’re hormonal, prone to cry at animals potentially suffering or tear up at Hallmark commercials. If you fit in one of these categories, please do read, but with a box of tissues handy. I cleared out my sinuses.

For those that grew up with a dog, you know how the bond of family that really ties you with your “family pet.” This is often a relationship that teaches you things you never quite fully understand until you’re an adult. My husband’s cat taught his goddaughter how to crawl. My family dog taught me that snoring was okay, to occasionally be tenacious, and just how to always be there when someone needed you. These are the deep-set feelings that you immediately tap into on the opening pages.

This book is written from the dogs point of view, on the eve of his death. He stages it carefully, so to choose best his time as he knows that his family no longer needs him. He reflects through his life from being chosen from the cruel man who cared for his mother to meeting the woman who’d share his owner’s heart with him. Where this book excels is the thing that sells romance novels – emotion. Every single page makes you feel like you are really, emotionally living with these people. You never quite see the house in your mind so you are free to fill in what says “home” to you. You don’t know exactly where in foggy Seattle they’re living, but you have a sense of these people’s lives day-to-day. You can forget that they may be a continent away from you because this could happen in your neighborhood.

I will say, for the tears you shed throughout and in the last pages, it is a happy book. The pay off is worth the pain. I’d put this in the great stocking stuffer list for anyone you know that has a dog.


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