Posted by: raesalley | October 8, 2009

Happy Holidays?

Disclaimer: Have not read this book, this is a repost of a review elsewhere. I’m not posting this to fish for the book. Now go away, FTC.

The Bald One and I were hunting a DVD on Tuesday in our local blue box electronics mecca, when I spotted a disturbing sight: gift cards with Christmas and Hannukah designs. When I turned to the fresh faced youth busily formatting many a computer and asked, he offered (rather like “I don’t get it either but can’t say so”) that it was perhaps for the early shoppers out there. I guess that’s fair – today’s economic climate being what it is, you have to get people’s attention now, so that maybe they can put away the funds to purchase or (insanely enough) plop that puppy on layaway.

Usually this time of year is when my liver begins to get a workout. There’s the national business meeting for work (Germans + meeting = alcohol), followed by the annual bash for Halloween at our abode. The major holidays fall in quick succession after that – wine at Thanksgiving, holiday parties with coworkers and friends, Yule at our place involves mulled wine and spirits around a real tree and opening of presents, followed by Christmas dinner at two parental places and wrapping it all up on New Year’s Eve. While occasionally there is someone in attendance who goes to excess, it usually isn’t me. I’m too busy making sure everyone is having a good time and making a stab at cleaning up before passing out in my bed leaving the hardy fools to their demise. Not so much this year.

I survived my work function so far with soda. I split a martini (gasp!) with the Bald One at Opening Night and lived to tell the tale. But knowing that I’d love to have a mimosa with brunch (that we keep pushing off until “sometime”), or that having something pretty looking and tasty other than water would be great…seeing this review made my heart happy.

One I’d seriously like to try? the Pomegranate Cooler –

5-7 fresh or frozen blueberries
2 oz pomegranate juice
2 oz white grape juice
3 oz sparkling pomegranate soda
1 lemon slice

Muddle the blueberries in the bottom of a  tall glass. Then add ice and pour in the juices. Fill the glass to the top with sparkling pomegranate soda, and place a lemon slice on top of the drink. Sip through a colorful straw.

Doesn’t that sound great? And it’s fall! Pomegranate season is in. To see what else is there, a few recipes are listed on the review or you can pick up a copy.


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