Posted by: raesalley | December 31, 2009

How many miles…

…can we drive before I get into an accident?

On our way to my parents’ home ten hours north of us, we had the usual batch of fun with us doing the road trip that way. We got a late start (only an hour this time), hit a random slowdown that didn’t appear to have any reason and got in later than we wanted. What was different this time around was we got hit by another car – which is part of the reason we were late. Long story to follow…

We had switched back to the Bald One driving sometime shortly before West Virginia, which was a good thing. I was dozing and watching the scenery as we approached the first toll booth. I spotted the EZ Pass only lane and the empty pay/pass lane on its right and was watching that as he says “oh shit” and I feel the brakes as he slows down more that he had been. That’s when I looked left and saw the F150 hit us. He was able to pull us over to the far right and I jumped out to look at my car and look in shock at the F150 as he headed to the pay lane he was aiming for in the first place. As I stood behind my car and stared at the guy. He apologizes, asks if we need his insurance and could he at least pull through to pay his toll first.

Next was a bunch of the standard stuff post accident – concerned official folks come over to check and call the appropriate authorities, insurance information exchanged and small talk while we copy things. The folks at Toll Plaza A in WV were wonderful to make sure we had what we needed. The other driver was younger than us – listed on his parents insurance and driving his mom’s truck. He apologized and proclaimed he missed seeing us as we were in his blind spot. Seeing as he hit the Forester inches in front of the middle pillar at a 45degree angle, I’m not sure about what blind spot…but I’ve never driven an F150. I give him his copy of our insurance and his originals back and tell him the trooper will likely give him another copy of it. He goes back to his car and oddly…leaves.

The toll plaza folks call the troopers to let them know he left and we get an update on the ambulance. It pulls up moments later and asks me to step inside. Diagnosis: elevated blood pressure, but not so worrisome that I need to go to the hospital. It’s suggested I try to calm down (ha!) and if I suspect anything, I need to go to the hospital or call 911. I tell the Bald One, and we giggle over the idea as the trooper appears. Now, the trooper is old school military…ramrod straight back, hair no more than a quarter inch and all business. I let the Bald One do all the talking, as he was the driver, and go back to trying to figure out what next.

Shortly, we were back on the road and the Bald One was stuck doing all the driving as our drivers door no longer opened. We got to my parents’ without further incident. The drive back was also uneventful, which was a blessing. During our time in the great white north, we did have a few conversations with our insurance and apparently the other driver’s. Eventually it was all sorted out and we had a local office to contact once we were home. Also while in Cleveland, I got in touch with my OB’s office and set up a follow-up appointment for when we were back in town.

The initial follow up means that the Forester is off to the body shop on Monday in exchange for a rental car until the repair work is done. The other driver was found at fault (big surprise). The initial OB appointment pretty much confirmed what we thought – things were still fine but we’re going to have a blood test and ultrasound as a double check. Gummi Bear kicked the doc and the microphone as we were getting set up to listen to her heartbeat. My blood pressure is still elevated (up a half dozen points since last week), but nobody seems too concerned.

Not exactly how I wanted to spend part of my vacation, but what can you do?



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