Posted by: raesalley | January 3, 2010


Anyone else not ready to go back to work after the holidays? I’m not. I feel like I kinda missed it between visiting ILs, visiting my side of the family and car accidents. But I did get my computer de-bugged so I can actually work when I’m back in the office tomorrow. Ugh.

Since I totally didn’t go into the holiday yet, let me do the quick version of a recap:We started with his family for the 24th – a low-key affair consisting of conversation, catching-up and presents before dinner. The Bald One finally got a book he’s been after for five years (and there was much rejoicing) and a set of monitor speakers so he can work on rocking out. I got kitchen toys that I’ve had my eye of for a while – including this way-too-cool apple peeler/corer/slicer. Yes, I’m odd.

After coming home the 25th, we did laundry and started packing for the trip to my family, which I’ve already posted about how much fun that was. My mom wanted us to open at least one thing before bed, so she handed us the Gummi Bear’s first Christmas present. I’m sure she’ll love it.

The next morning I was very slow and lazy before finally getting to the point we could open presents. We got a fan-frickin-tastic new coffeemaker. I had no idea how totally cool our new coffeemaker was until days later when Bald One explained it to me in retail-speak and using small words. When we finally got it plugged in and set up for its virgin run, the coffee was worth the experience.

I think since I just talked in glowing terms over two holiday presents that involved my kitchen, I can be declared an adult.

The rest of our time up north was spent fairly low-key. We helped get supplies for the now-annual game night, had lunch at Great Lakes Brewing Company and then lost spectacularly at Trivial Pursuit. Luckily, the drive back was uneventful – we had a lengthy stop in Columbus after a late start. This put us home later than desired, but the consequence was worth the pleasure.

The downside of the late return was that we wanted to sleep in before my OB appointment and that meant less time to prep for our party. Lucky for us, a friend was willing to trade slave labor for a ride home the next day. Between the three of us the house was dusted and vacuumed in record time. NYE was a quiet affair compared to some years (no peeing in shoes, for example) and ended with me still awake (ish) at 5am.

So while we’ve had a week and a half off from work, it feels like I’ve just had a long weekend. I’d like another few days please – can I?


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