Posted by: raesalley | January 9, 2010

Home stretch

Today, other than being the Bald One’s birthday, is also the end of my second trimester with Gummi Bear. That means now I have to actually start thinking about the fact that soon (all too soon) I’ll need a place for her to sleep, things to feed her and clothe her and probably all kinds of other things that I’ve never even dreamed of being involved with baby-life.

With the Bald One still unemployed, the normal housework stuff we’d try to do on weekends is getting done during the week. This leaves weekends for me to stare at our house and try to figure out just what we can realistically accomplish. Deck? no. Hallway tiling? also likely no. But getting the nursery ready should be possible.

We did finally get around to playing at the registry and I did get a dear friend of mine to proof it for us to tell me what I was missing. The thing that she pointed out that was horribly lacking is a glider / rocker thingy. There’s some other photos on Flickr of the room. There’s some things we need to clear off (like all that stuff on the shelves), some things we need to paint (like the changing table/dresser), some things that need to find a new home somehow (like my desk) and just basic fussing stuff in the room. I’m hoping to get a dent before my mother shows up in early February to go shopping for the crib and any other necessities. I also have to work on a guest list for the aforementioned friend who’s a saint and is hosting a shower for us.

But it’s all slowly becoming real now. Scary.



  1. I ❤ you. 🙂

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