Posted by: raesalley | January 12, 2010

Another start to another show

…possibly my last show for a while at that. At least, full time production. As in, five/six rehearsals a night followed by performances for two to four weeks four to six nights of those week. I have every intention of working at the Festival for the Eno in July and we (the Bald One and I) are “open” to discussing that I can keep my December touring.

We had our first rehearsal last night for this production. It’s called Neighborhood 3 and we’re performing at my favorite little alternative theater after Valentine’s Day. The pieces you see here are from the set design model. Given the fun/odd of the play and the multiple needs for the furniture, we’ve got pieces that can be multiple things. It’s a table! bench! chair!

Add to that the multiple scenes in a variety of places and we have some fun sketches happening on the floor. Not like other productions I’ve worked on have had a variety of placements of the mudular items and a bit of lighting wizardry…this time we get actual lines on the floor. I only hope people get it.

I’m looking forward to seeing it all come together.


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