Fluffy reading is educational?

One of my fave romance blogs posted this op-ed piece one of their contributors wrote on Tango. She raises a good point though – romance isn’t the stuff of movies. It isn’t running down the streets of Paris to find that one person on the bridge and tell them you can’t live without them. It isn’t running off to the islands and being wined and dined. It’s the small gestures on a daily basis…often seen in the build up to the big romantic gesture at the end that wins the damsels heart. Wait – my escapism is actually teaching me something?

I might joke about my mom having been mad enough at my dad to throw a vacuum at him. (1 – she didn’t throw it, she pounded it on their floor. 2 – she was pissed.) But, I know that they actually love each other – from the little things like how he takes her elbow over icy patches or watching them prepare breakfast for each other with hardly a word said. The Bald One and I have similar little things that say daily how we love – he turns the electric blanket on for me in winter and I’ll leave little notes for him to find or indulge his goofy side even when it involves tickling me to death.

It’s February, and with it comes reminders from the AHA that it is heart month and the biggest Hallmark & florist holiday comes right in the middle of the month. The stores are scattered with tokens big (diamonds! a new car!) and small (a single rose, the perfect chocolate). Charities ask that you adopt an animal or make a donation in someone’s name to show you care about them and the things they’re interested in. As par for the course, I’ll be working on a play when the big VDay happens. I jokingly told the director I’ve spent more Valentine’s Days with him than with my husband. (In the 9 VDays we’ve been together, I worked five shows with this director, two elsewhere — if you go by hours in the day, I’m right.) Luckily, it’s a matinee (second time that’s happened) and not a archival photo night. This means I’ll get home at a decent hour to have whatever wonderful concoction the Bald One creates this year.

Ever since our first Valentines Day, the Bald One has done something wonderful for the holiday. While it is often a grand gesture in the terms of our relationship, it means just as much as knowing that he kills the random bugs before our cats turn them into toys. And I guess that’s how I know we’ll be fine when we go from being just us two to being parents.


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Escaping the world of children, family obligations, working in a male-dominated field to read about HEA/HFN and hopefully remembering to write about it.

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