Posted by: raesalley | February 24, 2010

Reviews coming in…

I got one of my daily emails this morning with a link to the review for my current show. The local paper had some nice things to say about the mood being right, but the tone wasn’t quite there. As usual, I wait until the end for the elements that I have some control over – lighting and sound.  As long as they don’t say anything about ill-timed sequences or glaring errors, I consider my job done well – at least for that night. The show overall is about the reaction I expect – good technical, acting not bad and a fun little piece.

The one that’s always fun to read and should be made into a drinking game is the review over at the Independent. That doesn’t appear to have posted as of yet…but it should be fun to see.

Add: It’s up. And…4 stars. Course, I think it has more to do with good timing and comparisons than discussing the merits of the production. But, I would like to know who gave him the “Rod Sterling” suggestion of if he got it on his own. Likely the latter, but sometimes you don’t know.


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