Posted by: raesalley | March 3, 2010

Post Doc – the official word

I’m on limited bed rest for the duration – or as she put it, vacation mode. I got the stink eye for putting dishes in the dishwasher yesterday. So I can cook, but if the Bald One will then I should let him. I’m allowed to get in a car and go to a friend’s house to watch movies or sit on the couch and hang out there. I’m allowed to go with the Bald One on a car ride less than an hour away to go pick up his guitar later this week and sit in the store and come back, but no long car rides. He’s to drive unless not at all remotely feasible. No walking in the neighborhood. No yoga even. I’m to watch movies, read books and point at things if the Bald One wants my opinion as he gets stuff done for Gummi Bear’s arrival.

Ideally, these measures will level off my BP (so far, it hasn’t – I went from 120s/70s in L&D to 133/85 today) and it will keep my protein levels down. If they stay the same (borderline level) or go down, she’ll let me go naturally. If they start to go up, we’ll induce – hopefully putting it off at least until the 15th, maybe even the week of the 22nd.

So there’s a tiny hope, and for that I’ll be watching all kinds of crazy movies and television series that I missed when they first came around…and maybe get around to reading some books I’ve been meaning to get to. That’s the news from here.



  1. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way and hopes that you don’t get too bored.

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