Posted by: raesalley | March 20, 2010


Modified bed rest is seriously depressing after a while. However, this week we hit the “full term” label and I breathed a sigh of relief. With that full term status, I was also able to look out my living room window (while reading a book on the couch) and stare at the green grass, our day lilies coming up and sigh at Spring finally showing up in the Carolinas after this ridiculous winter.

Right now, it’s in the mid seventies outside. My SIL called this morning and told the Bald One she has snow. Based on that, I couldn’t sit inside any longer. I planned to do one tiny patch of garden – the peonies and iris patch – and just wanted to de-leaf and trim out the dead growth that hadn’t been completely removed after last fall. It took over an hour as I did take a few breaks to talk with the Bald One (and sit) or stare blankly at the squirrels frolicking. But at the end of that time, I was ready to sit in the shade, drink some water and enjoy the fact that this tiny patch was cleared. The thyme ground cover we have in the patch is cleared up a bit and smells delicious, the peonies now look stunning and the iris is ready to grow and bloom free of last year’s leaves. It is a tiny patch (compared to the raking the Bald One has done for the hostas and the front yard, the fact that he mowed and the large mess that is our backyard), but I feel like I did something. My nails have dirt in them. The knees of my jeans have mulch and dirt embedded into them. But most importantly, I have a tiny patch of spring ready.


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