Posted by: raesalley | April 2, 2010

New quarter, new start…

I’m a low-key, hobbyist when it comes to photography. This year, again, I’m trying to do a 365 project. I figured I’d make it mostly about this whole impending baby thing and by doing so I’d give myself a bit of focus. Over the first ninety days of the year, I took a shot about once every two to three days. Not bad, but not the best odds. The month of March was probably the worst I’ve ever done at this, as I had barely any motivation and barely any awareness of the days.

Being on modified bed rest really did a number on me. One of our friends put it best as saying “this is a person who works a full time job, does another almost full time job and still has a personal life…being told to sit on a couch with her feet up. This can’t go well.” What ended up happening was a slept, quite a bit. I’d do work in the morning remotely for an hour or so, then goof off online before taking a shower and a nap. Then lunch, check in with the Bald One on what was up for the day and then we’d be in to dinner. We got caught up on television, I read some books I’ve been meaning to get to and re-read old favorites when it became obvious I’d fall asleep in the middle. Friends came to visit, my parents were regular callers and between weekly obstetrics and hospital visits, the days had a rhythm that passed quickly. Suddenly, it was April and I’m still pregnant and have little to show for the month at home.

Yes, the Bald One has done a fantastic job getting us ready. The house is gorgeous (honest!) and some well-meaning projects are crossed off. Other projects (like our wedding album) have yet to be even started and it just might not happen. But yesterday started April, and a new quarter of the year with it. The sort-of Spring we had of warm-ish weather and rainy days has given way to a bout of eighties with low humidity pushing our dogwood into a hurried bloom.

So with that, I’m going to take a continued stab at this whole 365 thing. I’m going to be a little lazy, and see if I can finish the year out. Then, we’ll see if I get smart and tone it down to one a week or if I keep pushing this rock uphill.


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