Posted by: raesalley | July 1, 2010

Working Mom

I’ve been back to work (as of today) for four weeks. This means the Gummi Bear will be twelve weeks old tomorrow.

It’s been a bit of an adjustment, wrapping my head around the working and the mom-ness of it all. I thought, at first, I’d be getting up at a decent hour and get things done and off to work without a hitch. My morning routine, such as it was, suddenly had extra steps in it. The biggest is that I have to pump off a bottle and feed Gummi Bear. The pumping is due to her sleeping through the night, so I get one bottle done then and the other three she needs a day done while at work. Feeding the little miss can take anywhere from ten minutes to half an hour. And if I figure it’ll be a quick day – well, that’s one that won’t be and I’ll end up having to change my clothes despite precautions taken. There are things that I’ve added to my getting out the door list, but many of those I can do the night before – like set the coffee, pack my lunch and my work bag or they’re things I do while I’m pumping – mainly eat breakfast. Then once I get to work, I have the usual attack of things but now I have to carve out three twenty-minute blocks of time to go pump. These breaks used to be a spur of the moment coffee break or a walk around the building, but now they’re scheduled so that I do take them in a timely manner or there will be pain.

Evenings are completely different as well. It wasn’t unusual before – if I didn’t have a show – to come home and find out one of our friends wanted to get together with us for dinner, or we were going to catch a show. Dinner was something we’d get to eventually or go grab a bite out. Now, there’s conversation with the Bald One while he cooks and I play with our little girl. We take turns eating, as inevitably she’s awake and wants to be played with the second the food is done – even if she was asleep seconds prior. Afterwards, if there’s something I need to pitch in on I’ll help out as I can with us tag-teaming baby duty. However, most of the time I get to spend the evening hanging out and playing with her while the television runs in the background. DVR is the best invention the world ever gave parents. Gummi Bear’s usually down for the count for good around the time Daily Show comes on, so I get to set the coffeemaker and prep for work around commercials.

The weekends are gold though. A full day, where I sleep in a bit and we get to do whatever we want. Sit on the couch and play with our daughter? great. Hang out at a friend’s pool all day? works for us. Having a SAH parent means that some of the house stuff can get done over the week, day care expenses don’t exist and we get to enjoy our weekends together instead of what we used to do – spastically clean on Saturday, laundry on Sunday and feel like we never got off the treadmill.

But now my alarm is going off – the one labeled “Day Care Closing!” – reminding me not to abuse my dear, darling husband and leave work at a decent hour. So off to home I go.


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