Posted by: raesalley | July 21, 2010

nom nom nom

Gummi Bear has discovered that she can put things in her mouth and discover the world. Some times, this is quite adorable (example: right). Other times, it’s a little unsettling as she’s grabbed a handful of my hair already and attempted this. It made me realize why my mother was laughing at the idea of me letting my hair go and having a baby in the house. I’ve been told I’ll likely run to the hairdresser after the tenth time I wash applesauce out of it. We’ll see, as it will be fall once she starts eating and the idea of going to short hair in winter just does not appeal.

The m0lecule, as we call it, is a favorite for playing at current. She’s already discovered if she tosses it (and it disappears from her world), that she can get her dad to pay attention to her – at least long enough to make the toy magically reappear. She’s got a ball that she does this with as well, but currently the molecule is a bit easier to shove in her mouth.


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