Posted by: raesalley | December 10, 2010

To the Family

When the Bald One and I first moved in together, it was fun watching the cards come in this time of year. Several of my friends online and I would exchange cards for the holidays, so I’d get cards to me Maiden-name (+ Bald One) or I’d get cards from my family with just my name on it with his name noted on the inside. He’d get the occasional card from family or friends that were addressed to him and I was noted on the inside.

Then, we got married. The cards still came round, now addressed to the both of us with our shared last name. Occasionally there were friends that would address the cards to me or him alone on the outside and an interior note to both of us. A few cards came to the Mr. & Mrs. Bald One, which tickled both of us. Three years ago we were congratulated on our first Christmas in our first house. Last year we were told to enjoy our last Christmas alone.

The cards this year have already begun to appear and so far all have come with a new message: The Family. It’s little things like this that make me smile. Our tree is up and decorated carefully factoring in a crawling child. There’s lights hanging outside, stockings hung inside and a little child learning the joy of the season.


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