Posted by: raesalley | May 8, 2011

EA: The thirteenth month….

First, I need to celebrate: I survived breast-feeding. With celebrating Gummi Bear’s first birthday, we officially passed the mark where she can have cow’s milk and no longer needs to have formula or breastmilk as her main source of food. While this may not be exciting for most people, this means I get to wear dresses again, no longer pack a totebag to work in addition to lunch/computer/purse and get to wear whatever I want without having to factor in the ability to get half-undressed for someone’s needs. Granted, she hasn’t been as demanding in the past months as she had been even four months ago – but still, thrilling.


Originally uploaded by Rae Z

The beautiful thing about this is that the little Gummi Bear is eating real food. None of this baby mush for her, nosireebob. We tried rice cereal, only to have it snubbed immediately. We tried oatmeal, which worked for a few days before she realized I wasn’t eating it and refused to eat it until I did. Since I can’t stand oatmeal (it’s a consistency thing!), the Bald One stepped up to the plate. That worked for another few days before she flat out refused it any further. But pasta? gimmie. Cheerios? devoured. Muffins on Sunday morning breakfast? well, just look over there at that blueberry covered face.

The big thing done this month was our first major road trip. I say “major” because it was double-digit hour drive time. Sure we went to Maryland for Christmas, but she pretty much slept through that entire road trip. Amazingly enough, she slept most of the way to Ohio as well. This of course made things suck in the hotel, but…overall awesome sauce trip. The dearest bestest friend got married to a man she loves, we all wore pretty dresses, made our own flowers and generally had a wonderful time.

Overall, a fun way to start the second year.


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