Posted by: raesalley | June 8, 2011

EA: The fourteenth month

EY2-wk9 floatin’
Originally uploaded by Rae Z

…or the month where we discover water can be AWESOME! (While somehow failing to get a trip to the zoo before the heat kicks in.)

With another set of friends, we decide that we should do a zoo trip. Now, mind you, a zoo trip is a full day affair for us in Central NC. The zoo is in the middle of nowhere – which makes for an awesome zoo but a heckish 2hr drive. And you should picnic. And if your kid decides she no longer wants to be in a harness but isn’t quite willing to stay in a stroller for longer than 20 minutes, well…you should be ready for a workout. So as we finally have a downtime weekend and aren’t quite ready to go running around… you decide maybe not this weekend. Then, it’s too bloody hot as summer kicks in way too early this year.

However, because of the heat, pool season is ON. Previous summer, the Bald One and I tag-teamed sitting in the shade / AC as the other played in the pool. This year, having received swimsuits in her hand-me-downs and finding out that her diapers (minus the lining) make great swim diapers, we toss her into the pool. She was a little clingy, at first, but as she got comfortable she was willing to be passed back and forth and sorta float around. Not bad for a first outting. By the end of the summer, I bet we’ll have her happily splashing about.

The momentus news of the month though came at the very end of May: we have a walker. After days of calisthetics-like up and down squatting (and immediately after getting home from visiting Zia’manda & TAB), the Gummi Bear took her first steps in the kitchen while giggling at us. And then, two days later, she started climbing stairs. No rest for the wicked.


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