Posted by: raesalley | July 8, 2011

EA: The fifteenth month

Originally uploaded by Rae Z

Or, when we spent a lot of time in cars.

Well, maybe not all month, but it did feel that way with two weekends in a row. Let’s tal about the first half of the month, first.


Yup. It was quiet. You ever hear that phrase “the calm before the storm”? That’s what this felt like. The exciting stuff was that the week at work was quiet, the Gummi Bear enjoyed herself mastering her walking abilities and scaring us a little bit with her stair climbing ways. But nothing major happened. Then, we had mini-vacations all over the place.

First was Father’s Day weekend – we spent it visiting the fabulous in-laws so that the Bald One could take in a show Friday night in their hometown. We had fun seeing parts of Wilmington we hadn’t visited in a while (the Cotton Exchange) and seeing the neighbors while getting out for a bit. It was nice.

The next weekend was a bit of a bigger deal. That one started with a trip to Columbus, Ohio to overnight with the bestest friend, her hubby of less than two months and then drive further north to my hometown. There was a massive party to be had, and the party was good. There were cupcakes involved, lots of people seen and Gummi Bear was suitably paraded around with her first grandchild status evident. A good shindig, overall, once you allow for the standard family affairs. The drive home was made interesting due to the epic error of bran muffins. Next time, not a travel day food.

Then it was time for Festival for the Eno. A hot, as always, affair. Gummi Bear & the Bald One joined me for most of the first day and all of the second before caving to A/C for the third. The adorable moment for us came while walking near the Grove Stage, at the little stand that sells the sand-filled animals. They have a fantastic display of dragons. I point these out to the Gummi Bear and ask what it is. The response is “raaaaa!” complete with little hand making a claw motion as she rakes the air. She totally has one now.


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