Posted by: raesalley | October 8, 2011

EA: The Eighteenth Month

Rockin' horse at Miss Andrea's


Road Trip!!

The first road trip of the month was unfortunately for sad reasons. We took a quick trip to Virginia to meet and mourn with some of Daddy’s family. You were added a bit of levity to the proceedings afterwards, which was welcomed and you travelled like a champ. The highlight for you though was being let loose in your Great Aunt’s toy shop. You made out like a bandit with new books, a puzzle and your very first baby-doll. You also got to hug an Elmo larger than yourself, which was ridiculously adorable.

A week and a bit later, you got on a plane for the second time in your life. This one was a bit crazier than last time, since you were meeting your grandmother at the layover and we were traveling so I could go to long days of meetings in sunny Florida. Grandma Z brought you new toys – your first set of DUPLO blocks – and some Elmo DVDs to help while away the hours while I attended meetings. The two of you planned some interesting trips around the resort and off to exciting places like Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. You and your grandma had a great time as you two taught each other new tricks and shared adventures.

After I finished my meetings, we three bundled into a car and drove two hours north to see the Florida Furlan contingent. My cousin (Mish!) and your cousin (SMIB) met up with us and we had fun playing around before dinner and crashing at a nearby hotel. The next day, SMIB took us to some of her favorite parks and shops before we had to boogie to the airport. You had fun with Grandma in the airport before we parted ways, at which point you watched us take of and then cuddled in for sleeping the rest of the way home after a fun week.

The rest of the month was spent having a bit of fun, getting comfortable playing at your park (slide!) and then wrapping it up with one-on-one Daddy time while I went to D-Town for work and fun.


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