Posted by: raesalley | December 8, 2011

EA: the twentieth month

(Burger) King

On the road again…going places that I’ve never been…For a child, you sure are getting to cross off a lot of destinations of the “must see” list. Course, you’ll have to visit them all again later. ūüôā

This being an even year, it meant Thanksgiving with your mom’s extended family. With the Bald One’s work schedule, we were traveling up on Thanksgiving morning to arrive in time for prepping for dinner. We arrived at the Furlan (Maryland) compound early afternoon with you being rather well rested but a very sleepy daddy. He went off to nap before dinner while you ran around to play with your little cousins. As with many things, there was the regular level of insanity when facing the Furlans followed by feasting and more feasting. You loved your grandmother’s pie. You loved it so much that when your grandpa had it for brunch the next day you helped him eat it. I don’t think he minded though…

Grandma loved seeing you too, because after we returned home and she returned to Cleveland, we all boarded planes to meet up again in Nashville. We stayed at the Gaylord Opry where you and Grandma explored the various islands of greenery, saw Shrek dance for Christmas and saw more Christmas trees in one place that thought humanly possible.  While in Nashville, we did get to see a Christmas classic: the Radio City Rockettes. The dancing and music made you very happy and bouncy, so you survived your first theater/music show without a bit of trouble. 

Getting out of Nashville was a trick though. We went to the airport with Grandma and saw her off only to find out that our flight was delayed. And then delayed further. Lucky for us, Nashville’s airport has a fabulous play area for kids just your size. You burned off every ounce of energy you may have had by having to sit through security and through lunch and went straight past what was your normal nap time. By the time we were ready to board our plane, you were zonked completely out in your stroller. The rest of the trip was completely uneventful.

That very weekend (shortly before you hit your 20th month birthday), we went to our family Christmas kick-off: the TransSiberian Orchestra concert. You were a bit fussy through the story filled first act, but as things kicked up and went crazy for the second act, you were happy as heck to dance on my lap. We met up with the L’s and hit Red Robin for dinner afterwards. That was your first experience of Red Robin – which was interesting to see, as you got further stimulated by the bright colors, the lights and the fun of playing with Miss J.

Time to get ready for Christmas!


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