Posted by: raesalley | December 23, 2011

Yule Crafting: Shaving bag

Growing up, my dad had this thing he called a “dopp kit” that he tossed all his toiletries into. Mind you, this was ages before you had to play strip poker to get on a plane. The leather bag was just the right size for a toothbrush and other neccessities a man might need while on the road and was easily tossed from bathroom to suitcase to hotel bathroom counter and back. He kept it stocked, since he travelled fairly often and I remember being little and thinking fondly of getting to that point in my life.

Fast forward to me actually looking for things like that as women usually get comparmentalized to heck with train cases, toiletry bags with pockets for everything under the sun and adorable make-up bags that come free with purchase. Nothing quite matches my dad’s kit. Then, I spotted this tutorial…and realized I could make it.

It’s ridiculously easy, ridiculously fast and something that turned out to be kind of awesome. I made two right away – one became the “gift bag” for a girlfriend and the other became a travel kit for my husband. It’s killing off scrap material left and right, which is fabu, and being kind of adorable in the process.

now in hat form!

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