Posted by: raesalley | May 14, 2012

EA: entering the terrible twos

Obviously, I’m a terrible parent. This stems from the fact that almost all my monthly posts about my dear first born are done past-tense and this one is going to sum up 21-24 months. Yes, I’m that bad.

Dragging Uncle MDwN aroundBack in April, we celebrated for about a week little Gummi Bear turning two. The first stop was the day before (and therefore still free!) trip to the zoo.

As you can see, we had a bit of fun dragging everyone around whenever we could con our way out of our stroller. The stroller was great (umbrella style) for negotiating most of the time, but sometimes, we just wanted to get out and run around. To celebrate, she got her very own Zoboo to cuddle with and fell asleep clutching him for the two hour drive back home. Then there was cake shaped like animals, ice cream, and blocks to play with at home.

By the following weekend, Grandma & Grandpa Z showed up…during a bit of craziness. But they got to have dinner with the grandchild, shower her with legos and an adorable new outfit and watch her run laps in her house.

As far as being an awesome kidlet….her vocabulary is scary. She has entire conversations between her toys (lego people, rubber ducks in the bath, her dad’s bobble headed devils) mainly consisting of “I’m going to get you” and “I’m sorry”. She’s amazing us each day with some new random skill.

In light of her increased independence, I felt comfortable getting back into the theater scene – to keep my hand in, as it were. The production started about four weeks before her birthday, which has meant a bit of a change in the household dynamic…but as of this moment I’ve got four performances left until I can go back to being a full time normal office worker and a mom. I’ve got some stories from all that, which has been…interesting.


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