Posted by: raesalley | June 20, 2012

mini OCD defeats by toddler intervention

groovy blocks

 I fully admit I have my random bouts of OCD heck. I rearrange the tea boxes at work so they line up correctly and in order. I sort my M&Ms, smarties and reese’s pieces by color and eat in a specific order. Yes, I’m a little bit crazy and I admit it.

 My cousin (love you MishMosh) bought Gummi Bear these awesome blocks for her second birthday. They’re totally fun because you can use the grooves to stack them slightly more securely. Green & Blue are spaced one way, Orange & Yellow are spaced the other way. Yes, I figured this out.

Each block has:

  • Two grooved sides: Green or Blue and Yellow or Orange
  • Two color patterned sides: one that is Yellow & Blue, one is Green & Purple
  • Two standard-ish block sides: the yellow or orange side is a number while the blue or green side is a function (=, +, <, >, etc) or a pattern.

The patterned sides form seven different four-block patterns. These patterns do not line up if you do one color set with the other side also matching (form the purple & green circle, the yellow & blue side is NOT a sensible pattern)

Gummi Bear likes it when we build a tower. Or stairs. We had to make stairs last night so her hand-people could climb up the stairs. Then they’d fall off (“oh no!”). Then they’d do it again. And again. And the stairs would fall, and we’d have to rebuild.

The reason this photo was taken: signs having a toddler is helping kill my OCD tendencies. While the grooves all match so it would stack, they’re a mix of blue an green in each stack. The side facing me OBVIOUSLY doesn’t all match and the patterns are all askew. Let’s not get started on how the numbers aren’t all lined up correctly. But, the stairs have to get built fast so the hand-people can climb.



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