Posted by: raesalley | July 14, 2012

The Many Adventures of Zebra & Cow

One of the fantastic gifts we got at the baby shower for Gummi Bear was a tractor by Little People, courtesy of my former assistant and fellow Clevelander Missy. The tractor came with a little farmer holding an apple and an ear of corn and a cow. About the time the Gummi Bear was ready to play with the tractor, we inherited a zoo of Little People. Various animals became the favorite thing to play with around the house. We roar like a lion, swing our arm-trunks with the elephant and chirp with the bluebird.
The animals that have the most adventures have to be the zebra and the cow. These two go on regular adventures throughout the house. As far as we can see, they clomp over our table and jump off stairs of blocks. But to Gummi Bear, for all we know, they are exploring the Sahara or trekking the Appalachians.
I haven’t reached the point yet where I think we need a backup Cow and Zebra, but we have had a few heart-stopping moments when one of the pair decided to play hide & seek without telling us. The other safety precaution is that we don’t let Cow and Zebra leave the house. It gives Gummi Bear stories to tell them when we get home.
Every day is an adventure with a toddler.


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