Posted by: raesalley | August 12, 2013

Buddy Roo: First Month

I think I forgot what new babies are like. I definitely had no clue what we would be getting in to with two kids at home. Lucky for us, Gummi Bear loves her little brother. Unfortunately for us, she really likes being a big sister. I lost count of how many times I say “don’t squish your brother” in a day.

I am sad to report I now know the television schedule for Sprout (PBS for preschoolers), since it is acceptable background noise and occasional diversion for Gummi Bear while I have short firing brain cells. I watch more of it than she does, as I can only watch Buddy Roo eat for so long.

He is a very good sleeper as well, hitting the 15-16 hour mark daily. We seem to have skipped the Period of Purple Crying (knock on wood), and instead have cluster feeding to prep for a 5-7hr overnight nap. My happiest nights are when those start around 10pm, and we get Gummi Bear to bed by 11:30 allowing for a luxurious 3-5hr block of sleep for us. His overnight sleep sounds great, except for the fact the next block is usually 3hr, then an hour and then he stares at me for a bit before crashing for a nice 3-4hr block. And while a nap usually sounds awesome at that point, it is usually done taking a shower and distracting Gummi Bear so that any daily housekeeping can get done.

I’m starting to have mini mental fits about when we both return to work. Bedtime and mornings may suck. They both go down fairly well, but about a third of the time while I am up with Buddy Roo, the Bald One has to solve a nightmare from Gummi Bear. And she totally wakes up around the time I would be leaving for work. If the Bald One works that night, he will have no sleep. Hopefully before next month is over, we will have a better idea.

Want to see him now? Here:



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